What next…

Had a bit of a downpour in the desert today - so nice to run in! I often find it hard to go out and run when it is already raining but it is so perfect when it starts to rain midway through a run, just a little spritzer from God.

Now as I sit to blog, it is perfectly sunny and warm. I could not have planned it better. On my mini vaca in the Phoenix area I have spent some time contemplating life… Not too heavily, mainly a reflection on the book The Happiness Project. Too often I don’t take time for this sort of thing but I guess the fact that I quit my job in February, I do have some extra time!

One of the guys we are here with also “quit” his job. Or more accurately, took a really early retirement. So we have been chatting about what that looks like (especially while our significant others continue to work).

While I don’t have the answer today, I will continue my thought about becoming a fitness instructor before I get too old and have to teach ‘sit to be fit’. I really believe fitness is not something a person should fit into their spare time. It needs to be a priority in everyone’s day and fitness is guaranteed to improve ones quality of life. This can be said of few things.

I know I am preaching to the choir here…

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